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We're excited to be here!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Hello! We're Veronica and Justin Lee and we couldn't be more excited about the start of our new local solar business, Bare Energy. After having met in Austin, TX, we've dedicated the last almost 15 years together in construction and real estate - everything from remodels to total builds, residential to commercial (including buying and renovating and old 1960's motor inn...but we'll save that adventure for another post!), from Texas to New York - but we always found that what we were driven to most was clean, sustainable building. So after making the big move from upstate New York to California, and sunny San Diego, no less, we didn't have to think twice about taking our background, knowledge and expertise and applying it to the solar industry. Our personal and professional experience with solar in the past had been complicated and clunky, and we wanted to change that. But how?

(1) We knew that the information and process could be delivered in a more approachable and understandable way, (2) that if we worked with multiple installers and kept a constant pulse on the quality of their work it would hold them more accountable, and (3) that we could provide that next-level of service to property owners and offer ourselves as their go-to contact for the lifetime of their solar needs.

With the unending and inevitable exponential increases in electric rates, combined with the blatantly obvious sustainability benefits, solar is the answer and we want to help you understand why.

Reach out with any and all of your solar questions - we're excited to be here!

-Veronica & Justin

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