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Solar Panels on Roof


Custom & personalized.
Navigating the decision of whether or not it makes sense to switch to solar and reduce your energy costs can be tedious and overwhelming.  Not everyone has the time to research the technology, understand the process of converting to solar, and be in-the-know about the best installers.
Every home is different and every household has its own, unique energy needs.  With our 15+ year background in construction, we know firsthand the importance of the individualized experience - handpicking the best team for any specific project.
At Bare Energy, we approach the decision to switch to solar as a home improvement project, giving you the custom and personalize attention you deserve.


Streamlined & simplified.
Send us a copy of your energy bill or grant us access to your online utility account so we can review your energy usage.
Let us know about anticipated future energy use changes - adding a pool? adding square footage?
Using satellite technology,  we’ll design a custom solar array on the roof of your property that is best suited for your specific energy needs.
We’ll send you a detailed proposal with notes on why we chose  your specific panel equipment, including production information and statistics, as well as the installer we pick for your project, and why.
The proposal will include the different purchase options for your solar package.
Decide if you're ready to convert to solar.
Once you give the thumbs-up:
- Installer completes a pre-install roof inspection
- Your solar install permit is sent to the county
- Permit is approved and install is scheduled
- Install happens, typically a two day process
- County completes a post-install inspection
- Solar panels get turned on!


  • We provide you with all of the the necessary information, simplified, so you can easily understand the how, what and why of solar.

  • We have a constant pulse on which local companies are doing the highest-quality installs, and only use those that are delivering excellent results.

  • We stay up-to-date on solar technology and only recommend the highest quality product for your install.

  • We'll remain your solar contact for the lifetime of your system.   If there's any question you need answered or service you need on your solar panels, just give us a call and we'll take it from there.

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