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Take advantage of the solar tax credit in 2020

Nothing like tax talk on a Monday morning! But in this case, it's actually news you want to know - the Residential Renewable Energy Tax Credit (aka solar tax credit) will still be available to homeowners in 2020. While it does drop to 26%, down from 30% in 2019, it still amounts to a sizeable reduction in your total solar cost. Also important to note is that the credit goes down again in 2021 to 22%, and is set to expire completely for individuals in 2022. For those of you who like your information in concise bullet points:

Federal Solar Tax Credit

2019: 30%

2020: 26%

2021: 22%

2022: 0% =(

Want to learn about how you can get a solar tax credit? Check out this article that just came out from Consumer Reports, How to Get a Solar Tax Credit in 2020.

Want to know exactly how much that would equate to for your house? We can help you with that! Just send us an email or give us a call at 760-505-4474.

- Justin & Veronica

Bare Energy

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