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Solar panels - buy or borrow?

Whether you want to buy or lease your solar panels depends on each adopter's circumstance and is certainly a personal decision. While we generally advise clients to purchase their panels - increase home value, federal tax credit (if eligible), long term savings, $0 down & low interest financing options, etc. - a timely CBS News article highlights the differences and pros & cons. Another one of our favorite informational websites for all-things-solar, EnergySage, also breaks down the buy vs lease question and argument on their website.

Interested in seeing which financing option is best for you? We can help you with that! Just send us an email, give us a call at 760-505-4474 or click the Book Now button on our facebook page to schedule an appointment to discuss your energy usage and what your solar system design would look like.

- Justin & Veronica

Bare Energy

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